Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dan Maydan conquers geography

After two hours’ invigorating news meeting we are pleased to have Dan Maydan here as our guest at Innovation Beat. He was president of Applied Materials until five years ago and is known to be one of the most famous inventors in the semiconductor industry.

“If you want to build an innovative company, you must come here”, says Dan Maydan, emphasizing the uniqueness of Silicon Valley.

Many countries are innovative in themselves, but they do not provide the unique environment that fosters continuous growth and reinventions of company offers. Small countries struggle to keep their inventions within their boundaries since there is always the option of selling the companies to bigger players in the global market, Silicon Valley being one of the primary destinations for these innovative embryos. Also, inventive people like Dan Maydan always face the option of going west.

Considering that so much of the success of Silicon Valley builds on input from abroad, it is clear that Silicon Valley should not be viewed as a physical spot on the American map. Instead, Silicon Valley is a gathering point for early stage innovative thinking that need special care to survive and translate into new products that provide customer value. Dan Maydan is a living example.

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