Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Carl-Gustav Linden

Carl-Gustav Linden, 46, is a business journalist from Helsinki, Finland who works as a television reporter for the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yleisradio, the biggest media company in the country. Before 2003 he was a business reporter and a business editor at the daily newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet.
Since the autumn of 2007 he is also working on his PhD, trying to find establish between media, nationalism and economic development.
Carl-Gustav Linden has also written two books on business journalism. Landskampen - Nokia vs Ericsson i svensk och finsk press and Snabbhet, djup, relevans .

Off the Cuff

Khaleeq Kiani has come from a small village in Pakistan side of Kashmir, where he started his career as a teacher. He chose journalism as profession by choice and did Masters in Journalism from University of Peshawar. Driven by the passion to know and let his countrymen know how successive governments have been cheating them, he has contributed a lot of investigative and educative stories to the media, primarily being print. Many of the issues raised in his writings really made impact and forced the government to improve its policies for better and on ocassion made them reverse altogether as the public pressure developed.

Mr Kiani visited more than 18 countries in Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East and reported international events. His core areas of interest included from energy to macroeconomics and politics. He contributes a regular weekly feature column in Daily Dawn, Pakistan's largest English language newspaper. He also contributes a weekly economic article in one of Dawn's flagship economic weekly magazine "Economic & Business Review Weekly (EBR Weekly). In addition, he continues to extensively reports on economic, political and energy sector issues.

He will be working with Bloomberg Newsroom in SFO.

Me Myself & Phyza

I had an ongoing battle of identities between my Left brain and Right brain, and three years back finally I surrendered to Left brain, as being Journalist has become the strongest part of my goals, motivation and passion.

Born in Nigeria and brought up in Pakistan. Now I work in CNBC Pakistan, as a Producer for Economical and Political programs.
The second strongest identity I have is to be living and working; in one of the most a sensitive land geographically. Pakistan is a place on map, where trajectories of interest of many nations run across, including Politics, economy & religion. I believe strongly the world is moving towards a consolidation phase of interests, and media is the only instrument to bridge gaps effectively.
While I am traveling to US as a part of Fellowship in Innovation Journalism, The program at Stanford seems very promising to enable me to deal with economic structure of Pakistan; I believe the great potential the market is seeking to grow as in to develop its competitiveness structure. Being a strong believer to gain knowledge from people and observations, this program is specifically very interesting to find that how different people of different age, experiences, cultures and values can become a community and work as a team.

Irina Haltsonen

I come from Helsinki, Finland. Back home I work in the development team of the web publication of Finland's leading daily Helsingin Sanomat, HS.fi. It's a lot of fun!

Before I have been working as a business reporter and editor as well as a news editor, and carried also a variety of responsibilities for different web sites.

My main interest in the Innovation Journalism program is to see how innovations change the way people use media. In addition, I want to examine how media is reacting and adapting to change.

And naturally, I wish that I'll learn a lot of new things, meet interesting people and get to see a lot. And maybe even learn to surf a little::

Tanja Aitamurto

I'm looking for good stories and a bit of Californiacation, and having exciting time with the presidential elections.

I have worked mainly in newspapers, most recently in Helsingin Sanomat in Helsinki. I'm especially interested in Africa and politics. I'm very keen to dive into the world of innovations and venture capital in Silicon Valley.


I have been reporting on new technology for more than three decades, on behalf of Ny Teknik.
But with my home base in Sweden, that mostly means following the main trends from a distant corner of the world. And even with tools like the web, it adds another dimension when you see things with your own eyes and meet people face to face.
Especially when it comes to such an important location as Palo Alto, the center of Silicon Valley. At last in the middle of the universe. This calls for celebration!

Kajsa Linnarsson

Kajsa Linnarsson is a reporter at InnovationBeat.com. She is from Sweden where she covers the development of broadband and fiber optics in the Fiber Optic Valley region.

Hanna Sistek

I'm 28 years old and normally posted in Delhi, covering India for the Swedish business daily Dagens Industri. During the spring and summer I'll enjoy California, participating in the Innovation Journalism program at Stanford University, and working as a reporter at cnetnews.com.

Veckans Affärer goes west

Sweden's Business Week now enters Silicon Valley with me, Cecilia Aronsson. Usually I work as a reporter and columnist for this prominent Swedish magazine (Veckans Affärer in Swedish). The coming five months I'll spend here in prominent California as a fellow of the Innovation Journalism Program. I am a big fan of combining travelling and writing. The foundation of all writing is exploring and this is best done on foot in undiscovered parts of your own and others' lives. Whatsmore, Stockholm is a more interesting city if you combine it with foreign excursions. Life benefits from changing - and adding - perspectives.
My goal in this expedition is to learn how innovation as a theme can be brought into traditionally operated business media and thereby improve the way people do and think about business. Starting focusing on innovation is innovative in itself. Let's start exploring!

Another fellow

This is Johan Anderberg. He used to write about trains, politics and papercups in Sweden (at newspapers and magazines such as DN, Sydsvenskan and R&D). But as a quite ardent supporter of industrialized food, tall buildings  and incomprehensible sports, he decided to set foot in a western direction.
Now, finally at the proper side of the Atlantic, he wastes his time wistfully looking at electoral scorecards on Texas and Ohio precincts - an urge that might be subdued sometime tonight. 
What then? 
"Perhaps learn a lot of new English words while at Fortune", he enthuses, "... and I would really love being able to understand why the only ones using PC:s in the US are either CIA-agents or looking like them."

David Nordfors

David Nordfors is running the innovation journalism program at Stanford. He is the publisher of InnovationBeat.com