Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Me Myself & Phyza

I had an ongoing battle of identities between my Left brain and Right brain, and three years back finally I surrendered to Left brain, as being Journalist has become the strongest part of my goals, motivation and passion.

Born in Nigeria and brought up in Pakistan. Now I work in CNBC Pakistan, as a Producer for Economical and Political programs.
The second strongest identity I have is to be living and working; in one of the most a sensitive land geographically. Pakistan is a place on map, where trajectories of interest of many nations run across, including Politics, economy & religion. I believe strongly the world is moving towards a consolidation phase of interests, and media is the only instrument to bridge gaps effectively.
While I am traveling to US as a part of Fellowship in Innovation Journalism, The program at Stanford seems very promising to enable me to deal with economic structure of Pakistan; I believe the great potential the market is seeking to grow as in to develop its competitiveness structure. Being a strong believer to gain knowledge from people and observations, this program is specifically very interesting to find that how different people of different age, experiences, cultures and values can become a community and work as a team.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant is to see people from Pakistan striving hard to make benefit their country through a very positive and promising approach. My best wishes to you and your hardwork in generating knowledge that can help change the way people understand Pakistan in a global approach.