Monday, March 10, 2008

Vint Cerf's Internet Wishlist

What is the Internet missing?

"Better safety," says Vint Cerf, Google's vice president and Chief Internet Evangelist.

Cerf is 'the father of the Internet', so his opinion matters. Here is his wishlist:

  • Semantic Web.
  • Broadband internet access for everybody.
  • Multilingual, simultaneous translation from text and conversation.
  • Better use of radio communication in the net.
  • And, one of the most fascinating ideas: extra-terrestrial web.

Is it all possible?

"It is," Mr. Cerf says.

Mr. Cerf's past accomplishments give him the credibility to forecast the future. He helped build the foundation for today's Internet in the early 1970's while working as a an assistant professor at Stanford University. With colleagues, he wrote a blueprint for TCP/IP-protocol. The protocol transformed the defense department network project named Arpanet into the Internet we all know today.

Mr. Cerf travels around the world giving talks about the internet and it's future prospects. He is "trying to make things happen," he says, adding, "I'm not interested in theory only."

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